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Coast Guard Responds to Ludington Boat Crash

Coast Guard Station Ludington and Coast Guard Station Manistee responded to a boat crash at a breakwall less than a quarter mile from Station Ludington around 11:45 Friday night.

John Younes, the owner/operator of the 23-foot powerboat, hailed “mayday” at 11:43 p.m. after his boat, with two other people on board, hit a breakwall at a high rate of speed and went up onto the rocks, coming completely out of the water. Station Manistee’s 47-foot rescue boat and crew were at Station Ludington at the time of the incident.

Station Manistee’s boat crew along with a 30-foot rescue boat and crew from Station Ludington responded to the incident and arrived on scene within minutes. All three people were transported to EMS. From there, two were taken to Ludington Hospital to be treated for injuries.

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