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When I go sailing these days the one item that is always in my kit bag is my inflatable PFD. Similarly if I go hiking or camping it’s a good folding knife.

I’m still from the wear the PFD when appropriate school of thought, but I always bring it with. Recent events have proven the effectiveness of PFD’s. They help with something that is fundamental to survival, keeping head above water.

For others the PFD may not be the # have to take with item. What is yours. Let me know.

It’s mid July and therefore Mac time. This was proven the other day as I glanced at the Muskegon Yacht Club dock. There sat Ptarmigan a 51 footer that’s come in from out east, Pied Piper South an Andrews 72 under charter after several years on the hard and Colt 45 a Santa Cruz 70 whose reason d’ter is the Macs. For some, the Macs are enough.

One boat that will be on the start line for Mac is Willie J a J 130. Willie had a collision prior to the Tripp Cup. This made Willie into a see thru yacht.

However, my colleagues at the Torresen Marine Service Department were not about to let Willie J miss the Queens Cup. So the boat could race an initial repair was made to the starboard bow and bow pulpit. The boat sailed the Queens Cup and is now back for repairs prior to the Mac.

I’ll end this with a comment posted by Willie J’s owner on Sailing Anarchy:

“The bill for the Queen’s cup is not the issue, Brian and his team at the yard had us up and running in the blink of an eye. I might add that Willie J had NEVER been to their marina before, they don’t know me and I have no clout, just another customer!

If you have not been to Torresen’s for work or to their ship store, they are a class act.

I was totally astounded to see employees of the marina looking at our damage with a totally confident “You’ll be on the water tomorrow night” when I thought we would lose out on the Mac let alone the Queen’s cup.

Get it done, get it done right, know what you are doing…..that’s all in there. The guys worked so hard on the boat that day, we were hauled right on the tail of a squall at 0800 and we were back in the water at 1800…..with a rock solid repair that we beat up hard on the delivery ride that night.

Wish we were able to get back in tune for the race, our results in PHRF 1 were not stellar but no regrets, the crew was tired, but we were there!

Thanks to Torresens they rock!”

Have to say I agree.

Although it maybe a bit soon to be thinking of oil changes, here’s a product to include in fall planning.

This is Tempo’s Oil Boy pump. This is a vacuum pump. This means you get the tube in the dip stick, pump a few strokes to set up a vacuum and watch the oil be drained, favorite beverage in hand. A true lazy man’s product! Available here.

This winter Ellen Macarthur broke Francis Joyon’s solo round the world record. Recently things have picked up in the lone speedster area.

1st Joyon set a new solo trans atlantic record and solo 24 hour record. Then he totaled the boat by putting it on the rocks during his solo delivery to port.

Shortly after that Thomas Coville sailed the 60 foot trimaran Sobedo broke Joyon’s record the the Discovery route.

Coville and Macarthur have plans to sail for the Trans Atlantic record this fall. While Joyon is currently sans boat one would think he’d be back soon. Perhaps he will be the 1st to solo something like the 100 foot Race class cats?

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