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September Weather Report

September, a month to remember in Muskegon? Depends on what you like the weather to be.

Temperature wise it was not as warm as normal. For the month the temperature was slightly below normal at .13 below.

The month started with the high of 87 on the 1st. Temperatures bottomed out with a 33 reading on the 28th.

September started warm with 8 of the first 10 days above the norm heat-wise. This was balanced by 6 of the last 7 days being below the norm. In fact temperatures stayed above average until the 28th when the 33 reading was recorded.

If you like rain, the September was a good month. 5.01 inches fell this against a norm of 3.88. Monday the 11th we received 1.39 inches of rain the monthly high.

For fans of wind, I mean sailors it was a good month. Average wind speed was 9.3 knots as compared to 7.9 in 1999. Windiest day at 15.7 knots was the 19th. Calmest day was the 8th @ 3.4.

These wet cool conditions are a good sign for lake levels. They mean moisture is going in, but not being evaporated away by heat.

For wind direction it was an unusual month. Typically there are double digit days with a Southerly wind. This month south was the least frequent direction.

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