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June Weather Report

Average Temperature June 2005 can clearly be filed under keyword=hot. The average monthly temperature was 72.1 degrees, 7.2 above normal.

High temperature On the 26th the high of 91 was recorded. This was in a 4 day period when the temperature twice crossed 90. On 22 of the 30 days the temperature was 80 or higher. From the 15th to the 20th there was a stretch of days below 80.

The low of 50 occurred twice on the 18th and the 20th.

Precipitation was .9 inches which is 1.68 inches below normal. More than half of that came on the 30th when .57 inches fell via a thunderstorm.

The well above average temperatures occurred under 23 days of clear skies. Only 2 days were considered cloudy with 5 designated as partly cloudy.

Wind Average 9.1 knots. Windiest day was the 14th at 14.8 least windy day 4.7 on the 19th.

Year to Date: June’s temperatures boosted the year to date temperature to +1.87. This is the warmest at this point in the year since 2002.

Outlook: Forecasts are calling for a normal July for Muskegon. Combine this with 3 of the last 5 July’s having below normal temperatures and we could have anything.

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