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ICSA Hall of Famers

Michael S. Horn, Harvard University ’63

The Intercollegiate Sailing Association, as well as the sport overall, has benefited greatly from the unswerving, ongoing, dedicated efforts of Mike Horn, going back to the days that he first started racing at Harvard University. His involvement included active service to his district as an undergraduate, as
a graduate student, and his continuing development of programs–both at the college level and in public programs.

Ten years after graduating from Harvard, he started down the path of coaching collegians, serving 14 years at his alma mater. His collegiate coaching also included stints at Maine Maritime Academy, Boston University, University of Southern Maine, US Coast Guard Academy, Amherst College, Bowdoin College, Brown University, and Stevens Institute.

Mike’s election to service as the ICSA Executive Vice President in 1988 launched him on another 14 year commitment; one of evenhanded leadership guiding college sailing through advances of funding sources–including acquisition of championship title sponsors, rules development, instructional development, coaching development, and maturation of its championship program.

Joseph Sullivan, Fordham University ’58

Joe Sullivan has been the guiding force behind the resurrection of the Fordham Sailing Team in the last 6 years. He points to others (alumni, faculty and students) as those who deserve the credit, but truth be told, Joe is the one instrumental in Fordham’s rebirth.

Joe sailed as an undergraduate at Fordham from 1955-1958, serving as team captain and commodore. After a successful career in mass media, Joe turned his focus back to the Fordham Sailing Team and organized a reunion of sailing alumni in February, 1999.

Significant interest among students was noted and a team was formed with steps taken to become an Associate Member of MAISA in 2000. Joe has served as volunteer coach since the inception and has gathered a team of alumni and faculty to assist. One of the goals of Joe and the team is to receive varsity status at the university.

Monies have been raised by the Fordham afterguard all coordinated by Joe Sullivan. These funds have provided the basis for the purchase of a fleet of 9 420s, along with funds for operational expenses and equipment.

He is completely selfless in his endeavors and achievements by Fordham sailors on and off the water are his reward.

George Yioulos, University of Oregon, ’05

George Yioulos, a prime example of an ICSA student leader, has taken the University of Oregon Sailing Team from 2 sailors in his freshman year to over 20 sailors competing and practicing in his senior year. He has been a tireless advocate for the development and expansion of the Northwest district while serving as undergraduate vice-president for the past 2 years.

George was instrumental in forming a team at rival Oregon State University. He met with their sports coordinator to gain support for a team there. He also helped work on a plan to forgive the team’s previous debt to the university. George encouraged practices between U/Oregon and Oregon State. His determination paid off when Oregon State joined NWICSA last fall.

As captain of the U/Oregon team George has successfully dealt with many hardships including a sailing site that is 45 minutes away from campus to sailing and practicing on a reservoir that frequently has no water for half of the school year. He has worked hard to repair relationships between the university and Eugene Yacht Club where the team practices. Under his leadership the team not only has grown in size but has successfully raised funds for 2 new FJs.

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