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Found via Public Radio

Recently solo sailor Steven Willingham who was the subject of a 3 day search found out via Maine Public Radio that he was the subject of a search. Willingham was sailing a 25 footer from Boston to Maine. Now that all is well with this situation we can cast back into history and imagine other mariners and their situations…

If there had been radio in 1492 Christopher Columbus would have heard Crossfire like broadcasts… ‘The earth is flat, the earth is round, China’s this way no China’s that way.

Admiral Nelson might have had little peace after his big victory at Trafalgar. Tomorrow on the Springer show…’Admiral Nelson the one armed, one eyed Admiral who beat the combined French and Spanish fleets! And is it true that while lacking a limb he doesn’t lack popularity among the ladies’

Ferdinand Magellan would certainly have issued a press release on 1 November 1520…’today Ferdiand Magellan sailed the 110 ton Trinidad with a crew of 55 around the tip of South America through All Saints Channel. Magellan and his fleet plan to continue. Media reports will likely compare Magellan to Alexander the Great, Columbus et al.!’

In 1778 John Paul Jones’ raids of England and Scotland would have been breathlessly reported ‘Widely scattered reports from coastal residents and mariners report that an unsound in the head yank John Paul Jones is raiding the motherland! Reports from Whitehaven indicate that their maybe a split in Jones’ rebel crew. A large part of it was seen at a tavern rather than the fort!’

If James Cook could have sat comm he would have been able to send this dispatch on 17 January 1773, ‘Today we reached 71 10 south latitude. We did not sight Tera Australius. Therefore we are heading to Tahiti for resupply.’

Of course this is all the rankest speculation, but that’s fun some time isn’t it?

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