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Pet PFD’s

This article is about PFD’s. That’s right Pet Flotation
Devices. Just as PFD’s are good for pet owners, PFD’s are
good for pets.

Not all people are swimmers and not all pets are swimmers.
Some dogs, either by breeding or inclination, just aren’t
swimmers. Without a PFD their life span in water is short.

For the PFD to be most effective it must be sized properly.
Before selecting a PFD you should know your dog’s weight and
measure the widest point around their ribcage. A PFD that
is not properly fitted via this method may not have sufficient

Other features to look for in a Pet PFD include a leash loop
and a handle. Being able to attach your pets leash will
ensure it is used more often. A handle is useful in pulling
your pet from the water.

In addition to fitting your pet with a PFD you should
brainstorm up a plan for getting the pet back aboard.
Lifting a wet dog up several feet of freeboard with the boat
in waves may not be possible. Additionally there are ladders made specifically for dogs to reboard the boat.

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    You can find a pet pfd and pet boat ladders at

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