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Pets Onboard

Pets present a distinct set of problems and solutions, as opposed to animals that might be caged full time.

Before taking your pet for a sail or on your annual cruise
you’ll want to get a tag that has your boat’s permanent
marina location and slip number as well as a phone contact
for when you’re afloat- this would generally be a mobile
phone. If a dog goes astray having your home contact
information may not be enough.

Around the water you’ll want to replace your animals typical
circular around the neck collar with a body harness that has
a lifting strap. The strap can be of particular use when
lifting a pet from the water. See an example
Provide a shady place for your pet to rest. Animals can
suffer from heat stroke, with a boat on a windless day being
an area that could cause this. If your boat has a dodger
you may want to set your pet up near it.

Unless you plan to go to shore several times throughout the
day, it is good to train your pets to relieve themselves
while underway. A litter box for cats is a normal experience.
For dogs, a box of sod or a piece of Astroturf can be used
to encourage them go to the bathroom. Other options are to
train them to use the bow or another location.

When planning how much water you will carry, add in your
pets consumption. A rule for water consumption is that a dog needs 2.5 times the volume of water it consumes in food.

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