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Right Sailor?

Recently Mikee Anderson of USC was named the College Sailor of the Year. Anderson’s accomplishments included a 2nd place as skipper at Sloop Nationals, 1st at the Navy Fall Intersectional and 1st at the Thompson Trophy. At the recently completed co-ed dinghy nationals he finished 3rd.

At those same co-ed nationals skipper Brian Lake and crew Jennifer Warnock won A division for the third time. Only one other sailor has accomplished this. Additionally at the PCIYRA elims Lake finished ahead of Anderson by 2 points. In addition to not being named Sailor of the Year, Lake was named only to honorable mention, not full all american status.

I feel that Lake has gotten the short end of the honor stick. Many feel that since Lake rarely travels to the mainland to compete, Anderson should win for having more quantity of competition, if not quality.

That maybe so, but Lake’s historic 3rd A division win and his defeat of Anderson at the PCIYRA elims says to me that the wrong sailor won the award. Anderson did sail more and posted more top results. However, the one sailor he did not beat was Lake. Even without the prepatory competition that Anderson had, Lake was able to win.

Lake should been college sailor of the year and also should have been a full fledged All American. As Lake said, “And now we know who’s the fastest in the nation.” Too bad those who determine awards missed this.

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