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Passing Through the Inbox

Here are some marine items that have passed through my inbox recently.

Per Scuttlebutt Phillipe Kahn is looking for a Vetus Baroscope. This is a special type of barometer that graphs air pressure changes over time. It’s similar to the barograph which tracks pressure changes with a pen stylus.


The Vetus Baroscope

If he can’t find one of these perhaps I might suggest the Meteograf

Query received “Where do you get your water level reports from? Could you forward me the current ones? I have a friend who is sure the water is significantly lower than it was last year.”

The water level reports come from the US Army Corps of Engineers in Detroit. The most recent report indicates that levels are down 3 inches from 2004, most likely due to a dry May.

Reading the NY Times Book Review over the weekend I came across a books called ‘The Lake, the River & the Other Lake’ about summer in a town near Lake Michigan. The author is Steve Amick

I checked online and found an excerpt which has the following line: ” It was a time before jet-skis; before the idiot boys on their idiot toys” Has potential I think!

The annual Boat US compiled list of Top 10 boat names reads as follows: Aquaholic, Island Time, Hakuna Matata, Happy Hours, Fish Tales, Liberty, Seas the Day, Freedom, Ohana and Summer Wind.

Personally I lean towards one word noun names. So Freedom and Liberty are fine with me but I’ll pass on the punny Aquaholic, the lame Fish Tales and the pointless Island time.

Give me Victory! Honor the Constitution! Get with the Program! Find Sanctuary! That’s my take on boat names.

Not to jinx or hex but the team I predicted would win the College Team Racing Nationals is currently in 1st. Go the team from HWS, make me look knowledgeable.

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