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May Weather Report

Average Temperature 53.9 which is 2.2 degrees below normal.

High temperature 79 on the 9th,(“biked in comfortably”) while the low of 29 degrees occured a few days earlier on the 4th.

Precipitation 2.23 iches, .72 below normal. Additionally the lake level is now below that of 2004. The difference maybe explained by the fact that May 2004 was a record rainy month.

Rainiest day: 1.06 inches on Friday the 13th.

The skies were mostly clear with 15 clear days, 11 partly cloudy and only 5 cloudy days.

Wind Average 8.7 knots. Windiest day was the 16th at 16.5 least windy day 4.7 on the 21st.

Year to Date: May coolness lowered the temperatures to .26 degrees above normal. This is the coolest at this point in a year since 2000.

Outlook: Forecasts are calling for a normal June for Muskegon. This means average temperatures around 65 and 2.6 inches of rain. 4 of the last 5 Junes have had below average temperatures including last June, although there was a high of 85

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