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USCG MKG Open House

This past weekend the Coast Guard station in Muskegon hosted an open house. The public was allowed to tour the station, the boats and gain a detailed look into day to day Coast Guard life. Here are some pictures that show aspects of the Coast we might not all normally see.

USCG MKG Open House 2005 002.jpg

On Memorial Day weekend the colors were flying

USCG MKG Open House 2005 005.jpg

27 Footer used in Search and Rescue.

USCG MKG Open House 2005 019.jpg

Dry Suits, tested this winter by station personnel swimming in their boat basin off the Muskegon Channel.

USCG MKG Open House 2005 021.jpg

PFD with room for gear.

USCG MKG Open House 2005 022.jpg

Grounding cable used in helicopter resuce.

USCG MKG Open House 2005 031.jpg

The station watch room’s chart case showing that the USCG still makes use of paper charts.

USCG MKG Open House 2005 039.jpg

Aft Control station in the 49 footer used to set buoys and other aids to navigation.

USCG MKG Open House 2005 046.jpg

The Coast Guard does not go unprepared or unarmed.

USCG MKG Open House 2005 045.jpg

Did you know….the 1st 2 numbers this sequence equal the boats length. Same with any other Coast Guard Vessel

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