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TP 52 Med Cup

The Transpac 52 Fleet take to the waters of Punta Ala, Italy, showing the spectacular and competitive nature of real time racing.


Pisco Sour, Skippered by Vasco Vascotto, and Caixa Galicia, with Roberto Bermudez at the helm, set the markers at the start of the Breitling MEDCUP.

Punta Ala – Italy, 30th May 2005: Seven Transpac 52s, from Chile, Italy, Greece, USA and Spain, have performed spectacularly in the two races disputed today. This was a day that demonstrated the close similarity between the vessels performance and the great importance of the tactics and crew performance, where mistakes are heavily paid for.
At the end of today’s racing, Caixa Galicia leads, with a one point advantage over Atalanti XV owned by George Andreadis, and beating the Pisco Sour team by two points.

Behind the tight leader group, in fourth place was the Bribon-Movistar, owned by Jose Cusi, designed by Farr, and in fifth, Russell Coutts’s team, Lexus, followed by the Orlanda-Olympus in sixth, and USA’s Bambakou closing the classifications.

At 12.45 with ideal sailing conditions – a west-northeasterly wind, of up to 14 knots, the starting signal was given.

The start of the first race, as in the rest of the regatta, the Chilean Pisco Sour, skippered by Vasco Vascotto took the lead in a leg with a close rivalry from beginning to end. Atalanti and Caixa Galicia were behind, followed by Orlando Olympus, in a close battle resulting in a third place position fro Caixa Galicia.
The leaders were closely followed by the 3 times Americas Cup winner, skipper Russell Coutts, on Lexus, then by Bribon – Movistar.

At the tail of the race was Bambakou, who were relegated to the last position due to a tactical error and found themselves unable to make up the metres lost by getting tied up with a buoy when they were fighting for third position.

The second race was a true dance of positions in each marker, due to a drop in wind-speed. After a fairly even start the Bribon-Movistar performed an excellent upwind stretch, where only a boat’s length behind Lexus, Caixa Galicia and Pisco Sour were fighting for second place. However the Bribon decided to jibe a few metres, and allowed Lexus to squeeze through, who passed the leeward marker in first position, and with Caixa behind.

Russell Coutts’ team lead was shortlived, as a decision to do to the left of the regatta course, didn’t turn out as planned. So Lexus went from being in first position to being in the last, passing the windward marker almost three minutes after Caixa Galicia who maintained a leading position until the end of the race.

The Bribon crossed the line little more than a minute after the Caixa Galicia team, followed by Atalanti and Lexus who managed to miraculously recover, with Pisco Sour, Bamabkou and Orlanda behind.


Vicente Tirado, owner Caixa Galicia

“It’s been a very competitive day’s racing, and I am very happy for myself and the team. We sailed two good races, and everything has turned out perfectly. In the first race we were fighting for a leading position , although an incident with Bambakou meant we lost three lengths. We also lost a length in the last downwind stretch, but we can comfort ourselves in the fact that we sailed a fabulous second race, and are honoured to be the first crew to head the classifications in the “Premiere” of the Breitling MEDCUP.”

Vasco Vascotto, Skipper, Pisco Sour.

The first thing this Italian Skipper did at the end of the racing, was to pick up the phone to call the ship builder, Ximo Lopez, to let him know the news about their win in the first leg.

“It’s like starting school again, working out how things work. The decision to stay right turned out to be a good one , as we got into first position and then we just had to keep an eye on the rest of the fleet.”

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