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Rowing Reporter: Quick Comments Edition

Currently being sailed is the Calias Round Britain race for mono hull Open 60′s. Pindar Alpha Graphics skippered by Emma Richards was the 1st to drop out. Richards has not had good results with this boat, including a DNF in the Jacques Vabre. In between Mike Sanderson did have a successful Transat. Richards achieved much on a previous boat, including being named sailor of the year, but her more recent efforts haven’t measured up.

It does not appear as if Tall Ships will once again grace Muskegon Lake. A recent report . The ships will visit Green Bay WI, and Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and Bay City, Mich.

As a two time participant in bringing the Tall Ships to Muskegon this is sad news. It would seem that developments like the down town and the cross lake ferry have driven interest elsewhere.

Recently I’ve been writing a series of articles previewing the teams that will sail the spring college nationals. I’ve six more teams to preview so I’m not ready to make all predictions. I am ready to make a prediction in regards to the women’s championship. In the article previewing Yale my research turned up, “Yale’s women’s team is the defending champion and all 6 sailors who sailed in 2004 return.” That’s my 1st prediction Yale to win women’s. Watch this space/web site for my men’s and team race predictions.

Being employed at a working boat yard the week before Memorial Day sees considerable pressure to get boats in the water. My personal memories always lead me to a what’s the rush attitude, as the memories are mostly of rain. This year’s forecast for Muskegon has a 30% chance of rain each day. Hopefully it stays at 30% and I don’t have more rainy memorial day memories.

I recently dug a Minnesota state quarter out of my pocket. Part of it’s design is a fishing boat with an outboard motor. I immediately had an instinct to grumble, damn motor boat what’s it doing there etc.

Then I though back to Rhode Island’s 2001 quarter which featured a sharp looking sailboat topsail and all. Don’t forget Virginia in 2000 which shows the square rigged ships that brought the 1st euro settlers to the state. Finally there is the 2003 Maine 25 center which features Pemaquid Point Light and ‘Victory Chimes’ Maine’s last 3 masted schooner. So, sailboats out number motor boats 3 to 1!

People collect most anything. So, collectors perhaps it’s time to procure these 3 quarters and display them as Historic Sailboat Quarters or some such thing….

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