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A Serendipitous Find

It’s been used books sale recently in the Rowing Reporters home port of Muskegon. 3 libraries have had sales, with 50 cents being a high price.

The final sale was in North Muskegon. From my office you drive east about Muskegon Lake to reach the North Muskegon library. Along the way I spotted a freighter unloading coal at the Cobb power plant.

You also pass the Conservation Club marina. As you drive thru North Muskegon you have a clear view of Muskegon Lake and the deeper south side of the Lake.

When go to one of these sales, think more along the lines of jumble than anything. Who knows what books people have dropped off or what books the library is weeding out.

All this leads up to my finding of a particularly interesting book in regards to sailing history. The find for this book scout was ‘Capt. Nat Herreshoff The Wizard Of Bristol’ by L. Francis Herreshoff.

Capt. Nat is perhaps the finest yacht designer ever with 6 America’s Cup winners and a total of 18,000 designs.

This includes the 1903 defender Reliance a remarkably modern 90 footer.

I’ve yet to get a chance to read my serendipitous find, but I have looked at the black and white photos and read bits and pieces. I’ve learned that Captain Nat. fitted wheels with a break so that when in the groove the helmsman could lock the wheel and gain some relief.

I’ll report more when I’ve read my find.

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