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Power Out on the Island

Sayonara has finished!! Not quite a record breaking run, but first across non the less. Larry Ellison’s Maxi Sayonara took line honors for a beat that had visions of arriving in a record breaking time, i.e. last night, its a bit of a disappointment. Seems as though a large high pressure system shot down the wind and record chances.

Upon arriving on Mackinac Island last night I saw a Y2K leftover generator running on the ferry dock, overkill I thought. As I walked to the Pink Pony, I noted darkness. Well, I thought, maybe this is Mac Island on a “non-yacht races” night. Once I saw the candles and light sticks, it clicked – a power outage. The power outage gave Mac Island an off feeling.

For second time Mac competitor Sayonara, the high pressure was an on water “power outage”. Sayonara’s first Mac saw her minutes from the monohull record. That year, Stars & Stripes got the out-right record, in ideal conditions.

Two years later, it was an on and off “water power outage” for all concerned. No records for the sailors and in keeping with the slowness means a late visit from Y2K

Thanks to Lake View Hotel for their assistance.

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