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May Weather Report

The 31 days of May have ended. Two words describe the weather they produced: rainy and warm.

May saw 7.45 inches of rain fall making May 2000 the wettest May on record. The previous May rain record was 6.48 inches in May. Normal May precipitation is 2.6 inches. Rainiest day of the month was Thursday the 18th when 1.36 inches fell.

Despite this record rain lake levels will not be much affected.

May was also warmer than normal as have all other months of 2000. Overall temperatures were 2.08 above normal. Warmest was 83 on Saturday the 6th, coolest 38 on Sunday the 21st.

The warm weather was almost all blown in by Southerly winds as shown below:

Finally the average wind speed was 9.6 knots, with the windiest day on Saturday the 6th.

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