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ABN Goes Transat

The ABN AMRO will be making her first transatlantic trip on 30 March, journeying to the United States. Skipper Mike Sanderson said this marks phase two of the boat’s development. The goal of the trip will be to get more offshore miles under the boat. “And the North Atlantic is as close as you can get to going to the Southern Ocean.”

Sanderson said he wants to “test the boat in extreme conditions. When we get back, we will have 7,000 more sailing miles under our keel.”

The boat will take about three weeks to get to the United States and back, and up to two weeks in port. “It should be a worthwhile five weeks.”

The boat will first dock in Newport, Rhode Island. Then they will go to New York City on the 22nd of April and will stay there a few days. Once the boat docks in New York, Sanderson will assess the downwind conditions for the return trip.

“Hopefully we will have moderate air reaching and running on the trip there,” said Sanderson. Then, he is looking forward to the return trip, when the high winds of the North Atlantic will give the boat a run for her money.

The ABN AMRO has been on the dock recently, undergoing a previously scheduled refit as a result of all the miles the boat has done recently. After the boat’s recent trip to Rotterdam, “we had always planned to pull the boat apart.” The boat had had two full months of sailing including the 3,000 mile trip to Rotterdam and back.

The crew has been looking forward to taking her across the ocean, and the shore team has been working hard to get her ready. “We have a lot of exciting new ideas, and we’re hoping to get the conditions to try them out.”

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