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Water Level Update

Below you’ll find water level info that pertains to Lakes Michigan and Huron.

Reference Point- Measurements in Inches

Difference from Chart Datum -7
Difference from last month -4
Difference from last year -10
Difference from long term average for October -25
Difference from Record High -65
Difference from Record Low +6
Forecast for 24 November 2003 -2

Click for information on other lakes.

Note: A recent peak into a book showed the following description of low water in the summer of 1886, on the Menominee River “The low water level in the River severely affected work in the paper mills, and it was anticipated that the mills would have to close down if it did not rain soon. In addition, Marinette was without electric lights, since water was needed to generate electricity. Residents were, as a result, relying on the light from kerosene lamps.”

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