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Upgrade Your Nav Lights

Both the US Coast Guard and the state of Michigan have required safety
equipment lists. These are items such as flares, PFD’s,& navigation lights

However, because your boat conforms to these regulations does not mean you are ready to cast off. These lists should be viewed as the mimium equipment you need.

For sailors the the ORC Special Regulations serve as an excellent set
of guidelines for nescessary equipment.

These regulations are used in racing, whether it’s an around
the world race (Category 0) or an in sight of land buoy race
(Category 4 or 5). These regulations are also used in
conjunction with the annual Mackinac races. What this means
is that these regulations can be of use to just about any sailor,
allowing you to customize equipment to your situation.

Using these regulations as a jumping off point here are what
the Regulations advise in certain areas.

Navigation Lights: For all types of sailing the regulations
read, “Navigation lights shall be mounted so that they will
not be masked by sails or the heeling of the yacht.” If
you’ve added a larger headsail, or have a recently installed
roller furling unit you may want to verify your lights
visibility. Another option is to install a mast head tri
color light
which should solve your visibility problems.
The Torresen Marine Ships Store has a full line of Aqua Signal
nav lights
to help you upgrade.

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