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1st Aid Learn and Help Learn

This is the third of a series of articles on the subject of sailing safety. The articles will attempt to combine different ideas on safety from sources such as the Red Cross, personal experience, computer programming and other outdoor pursuits.

The goal is to link these ideas from diverse sources and see what kinds of safety routines and knowledge can be developed.

Possessing 1st aid skills comes from the 10 essentials. It means you know how to treat medical emergencies when more formalized help is not available, which is almost 100% of the time when sailing. Volunteering is one of the Red Cross 5 preparation steps.

Incentive to learn 1st aid can be personal in satisfying a desire to be better able to care for yourself. Incentive to become a 1st aid trainer goes beyond self. The more trained people, the better the chances there will be a qualified person to care for you if you are unable.

If you both know 1st aid and train others you increase everybody’s chance of health, safety and survival.

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