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The Montego Bay Baro

Lots of good sailors (Bob Johnson, Ted Turner, Steve Benjamin, Kevin Burnham etc.) have arrived at Montego Bay Yacht Club.

At the MBYC’s generally open bar a barometer resides. As a weather instrument it’s in the retired/no longer working category.

The built in thermometer still I don’t think works. It’s stuck near 80 so it’s accurate often enough.

It’s an aged and weathered piece. Salt air and salt water have done their worst. It’s almost copper in color. A mounted chemistry experiment. Metal and salt combine to make it corrosive.

The glass is cracked from side to side, right thru the center. The two indicator arms are different colors. One is gold, the other blue.

The internal works are open. View them if you will. Chains and gears moved by air.

Mounted on a bar pillar it overlooks the patio dining area. Red Stripes are frequently ordered and de-capped right next to it.

Sailors leave while it stays. Stuck though it maybe it will glance at sailors still to come.

baro 2.jpg

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