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March Weather Report

With snow and sleet falling today, we look back at the weather in Muskegon in March.

The average temperature was 41.3 was 4 above normal. This continued a winter of warmer than normal weather.

Warmest day of the month was Wednesday the 8th with a high of 73. Coldest temp was Sunday the 12th’s low of 15

Precipitation was 1.08 inches well below the 2.51 inch norm. Snow fall was .2 inches, far below the normal 12.3 inches.

Again a warm and dry month not favorable to helping lake levels rise. Current data shows Lake Michigan down 18 inches from March of 99. Projections show a 2 inch gain during April.

The average wind speed was 9.6 knots. Windiest day was 16.5 knots on the 8th. Last windy day was 3.7 knots on the 3rd.

As the above table shows the warm weather was often accompanied by Southerly winds. Even normally cool North winds produced above normal temperatures on 5 of the 7 days they blew.

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