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Vendee Globe Report 31 January

Whilst we go about our daily routines 20 lone sailors are racing around the world without a stop.

Each weekday ATWOS will present a report on the 2004-2005 Vendee Globe race. Who will join Lamazou, Desjoyeaux etc. as winners? Who will be a breakout young star like Ellen Macarthur? Which sailors will participate in dramas such as those of Pete Goss & Yves Parlier?

The report will cover the rhythm of the race, whether it’s fast or slow, what’s the degree of difficulty, is it iceberg territory?

Each day we’ll check the standings to see who the leaders are and who else is on the move.

The fleet roundup will cover news of interest from any and all boats both the success’s and the inevitable failures.

From the lone sailors will highlight the most interesting communications from the multi national group of sailors.

Rhythm of the Race “All should become a little clearer today as the three leading boats are expected to tack to make what should be their final approach to Les Sables díOlonne, and the finish line.”

Standings 1. PRB 2. Bonduelle 4.6 miles back 3. Ecover 51.1 miles back

Fleet Round Up Nick retires. Conrad’s keel issues. End game

From the Lone Sailors Bruce Schwab: “All of our ropes, including the halyards, sheets, runners, etc. are made Samson Rope Technologies and have been great.” Vincent Riou: “I am likely to arrive on the night of the 2nd February, it all depends on how the high evolves. If we can turn right at the correct time then it could be fast.” Joe Seeten: “I sent my congratulations to Karen. Itís great what sheís done on my old boat. Thatís the sixth time the boat has been round the Horn, five times in the right direction and once against the wind and currents.”

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