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Nick Retires

This is a note to officialy declare that I have withdrawn my participation in the 2004-5 Vendee Globe.

This is a very disappointing e-mail for me to write but I have fond memories. This experience has been unique. Skandia Multimanager entry was a fantastic team in which I absolutely loved working with. The race organization was very kind and caring and very perpared to listen to skippers in order to make the adventure safer and more enjoyable. I will never forget the comforting conversations and e-mails i recieved from the organization at the most crucial point of the wildest and most dangerous Southern Ocean storm that I have ever experienced. A very experienced and professional organization.

Asside from the sailing. my most fond memories are the friendships developed between skippers. I really felt ┤together alone┤ in our adventure. I drew great strength from my fellow adventures and their messages. When Patrice was struggling with his broken boom I was very low within my spirit. His efforts and e-mails made me lift again and continue with solid strength. Every day someone provided a reason to be stronger and to feel fortunate, and incredible gorup of people.

I am incredibly proud of all of the competitors no matter how fast or slow. they are my heros and heroine┤s. The Vendee Globe is special….very, very special. I have sailed in many hight profile events around the world from the Americas Cup to Whitbread etc. Never before have i felt such intense emotion and pride of participation. I have lived a great life. i am lucky and furtunate. One of my greatest life experiences was in this race and it was not under sail. It was the tow out of the port of Le Sables d┤ Olonne…..this I do not know how to describe but i thank every waving, cheering person lining that shore to wish us well. I must admit, i was not prepared for such an overwhelming experience.

My journey ended prematurely and for this I am disappointed but I experienced a great deal of this great event. I have recieved many flattering e-mails from all over the world and my solo friends at sea. I cannot thank those enough. you have helped me realize that this was not meant to be for me but I am still very lucky.

I wish all of those still pressing towards Le Sables a beautiful and safe passage. Thank you my friends for your inspiration that allowed me to continue for as long as I did. I dearly hope to see you soon.

Enjoy the sea.

best regards always

Nick Moloney

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