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Falling Asleep

RACE POSITIONS 0930 GMT: SKANDIA 7th, to north east of Cape Horn progressing up towards the Falkland Islands, and 499 miles behind Virbac. PRB extending out hour by hour, now with a 138 mile lead over BONDUELLE, and 228 over ECOVER, the leaders now touching the South East Trade Winds. TEMENOS now in to 4th ahead of VMI.


NICK SAILS IN TO THE ATLANTIC OCEAN, ALL CHANGE: After rounding Cape Horn, it took another day almost for Nick to start seeing the wind abating, and the seas changing their style…but there was in fact a very sudden moment at the end of yesterday when the seastate went from Ďa boiling cauldron of waterí, to a longer surfable sea. It wasnít to last that long though, by late last night he had sailed in to an area of overfalls [short breaking waves created by a tidal current under the surface, and an uneven ocean bottom] to the north east of Statton Island. The extremely dangerous conditions for the boat forced Nick to wind the mainsail and boom in to the centre of the boat, even though the wind was from behind, Ďjust to try and avoid breaking it in the violent motioní. In a quick call to OC Mission Control, one could hear the water crashing on the deck every few seconds, not the regular wave pattern action. All change again this morning…upwind in not much of it…

The cumulation of fatigue starting to show, as Nick fell in to a deep 90 minute sleep this morning, and awoke to find the boat heading back towards the south! See conversation below…

WHAT IS COMING UP FOR NICK NEXT? The good south westerly flux has evaporated for now, but might come back in as Nick gains ground to the north west. The Falkland Islands are just 90 miles to his north, and he should see better breeze by midday.

TEMENOS OVERTAKES VMI TO TAKE 4TH PLACE as the two boats sail in sight of each other, and VMI struggles on without water ballast (due to his engine failure, which runs the pump that puts the water in the ballast tanks Ė VMI has ballast instead of a swing keel).


Having a shocker, I fell in to a deep sleep, woke up to find myself sailing south east as the wind had shifted…have tacked back straight away…an hour and a half, longest sleep Iíve had since the Cape Horn, and for a very long time before that [probably since the Cape of Good Hope]. But the cost was pretty high, sailing in the wrong direction for the whole of that period. Now doing only 6 knots, very light, very slow, I should get back in to the south westerlies as the low pressure system moves away. I canít believe I fell asleep…

Still very cold, absolutely freezing, after I just did this tack my hands were in pain…

Didnít get across those overfalls last night until about 2300…seemed like forever, so worried I was going to break something.

Canít complain, got flat water, had the longest sleep Iíve had in a long time and Iím heading north.

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