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1999 Chicago Mac Reports

1500 EDT – 13 – Jul – 1999
Most of the fleet has arrived leaving about 6 boats to complete the course. The overall winners are as follows: IMS – Pied Piper, Santa Cruz 70 skippered by Dick Jennings of Evanston IL, PHRF – Raincloud, J135 (41′) co-owned by Mike Rose & Jay Lutz of Houston Texas, Open Division Stars & Stripes Skippered by Steve Fossett. We will post complete results as soon as we get them.

0530 EDT – 13 – Jul – 1999
Over the night, the boats have come in en masse. The preliminary results have been posted for the big boat classes. Please visit our results page to see this information.

2230 EDT – 12 – Jul – 1999
Another group of boats has trickled across the finish line with an apparent lull in finishes for a while. V-Max, Bacchant, Hot Lips and High Priority II have all made the dock with plenty of bar time left.

2145 EDT -12 – Jul – 1999
Adding to the drop off list are the boats Allure, Mosquito, and Quiet Refuge. The most recent finishers are Avanti (1D35) and Manitou (NM 43). Currently, seas are calm and quiet, with with winds at 2 – 4 knots and seas at 0 – 1 feet.

2100 EDT – 12 – Jul – 1999
The Farr 40′s now have names!! Bandit, Flash Gordon IV, VooDoo & Nitemare. Also finishing recently are Raincloud and Grins. The wind has dropped slightly to 6-8 knots and remains out of the southwest.

1900 EDT – 12 – Jul – 1999
A few more boats have wandered in off the course. The wind is still out of the south/southwest at 10-12 knots. Four Farr 40s have finished and the Nelson Marek 68 Windancer. Windancer was in the wrong spot when the lull hit Saturday night and spent today sailing with Kokomo, who she left hours behind in the Manitous. The drop out list has extended to 12 boats – as follows: Polska, Rush, Cetacean, Kestral, Insatiable, Earth Voyager, Joie De Vie, Persistence, Flo, Vixen, Earth Explorer and Moonglow.

1700 EDT – 12 – Jul – 1999
Colt 45 finished around 16:45 EDT. There are more boats under the bridge, and we hope to have another update soon. The change in wind conditions makes predicting an overall winner tough at this point. In the groups that have finishers, we are looking at the following possible placings : PHRF 1 – Trader followed by J-Bird keeping an eye on third with the still MIA Kokomo, IMS D – Deep Power with Pied Piper a very close second, then probably Cynosure, IMS E – look for Success to finish out on top unless the wind picks up and blows the Farr 40′s over top of her. It is easy to have favorites, and tough to pick winners in the classes that have not started finishing yet.

1600 EDT – 12 – Jul – 1999
The wind has filled in at the island and is blowing a couple more of the larger yachts along with it. Blondie/Pied Piper South arrived recently. The current lead boats are still south of Greys Reef, with the largest portion of the fleet getting ready to exit the lovely Manitou islands.

1500 EDT – 12 – Jul – 1999
Over the last couple hours, a few more sailors have managed to drift across the finish line. The four boats refered to in the previous report are Chance, Equation, Thirsty Tiger and Mirage. Stripes, Sassy and J-Bird have also arrived. There is a front approching the area that should pass through the night. There is much more breeze behind this front. This will give the bulk of the fleet a much needed boost, but may not be enough to save time on the leaders.

1300 EDT – 12 -Jul – 1999
Reports are that approximately 12 boats have finished the race. When we get the names of the most recent finishers, we will let you know. The wind conditions at the northern Lake MI NOAA bouy are South at 12 with gusts to 14. As you round the bend toward the bridge, conditions apparently diminish. The St Ignace NOAA station has conditions described as ‘calm’.

1030 EDT – 12 -Jul – 1999
A small group of big boats has crossed the finishline in the last hour. Deep Powder, Holua, Cynosure and Trader have all arrived at the island. The official finish times will be posted when we get them. RX-Sight finished at 07:12:44 EDT and Pied Piper at 08:50:18 EDT. The winds in the straits are westerly at a light 3-5 knots with 3-5 ft waves.
A “from the race course” update shows the bulk of the fleet to be just at the Manitou’s, with 6-8 knots still from the southwest. Dependant on wind, the main fleet could make it to Mackinac anytime in the next 12 to 24 hours.

0930 EDT – 12 – Jul – 1999
Pied Piper finished about a half hour ago. They are followed closely by an as yet unnamed competitor. We will post exact times when we have them.

0730 EDT – 12 – July – 1999
Pied Piper has appeared over the horizon, followed by four other spinnakers. One of them is a blue & white checkered chute that may by Deep Powder.

0630 EDT – 12 – July – 1999
To this point – Stars and Stripes is still the only boat to finish. RX-Sight, previously thought to be one hour behind, has just crossed under the bridge.

2345 EDT – 11 – July – 1999
Stars & Stripes made the last call deadline with room to spare. Showing you should never underestimate a catamaran with a steady breeze. The big blue boat crossed the finish line at 12:23 PM EDT, giving an elapsed time of 32:08:08

2200 EDT – 11 – July – 1999
The Northern Lake Michigan NOAA bouy is showing steadily increasing winds over the last few hours. The most recent observation is still out of the SSW steady 14 with gusts to 16 knots. Stars & Stripes may make it in by last call. But only by the skin of their teeth.

1600 EDT – 11 – July – 1999
Stars & Stripes is nearing Point Betsie with RX-Sight still approximately one hour behind. Winds have increased slightly to 10 – 12 knots with the direction remaining southwest. The lead boats are expected to finish between 10 p.m. July 11 and 2 a.m. July 12. The bulk of the fleet is nearing Big Sable.

1400 EDT – 11 – July – 1999
The report on fleet position is as follows, Stars & Stripes is north of Big Sable with last years overall IMS winner RX-Sight approximately one hour behind. The wind has increased to 10 knots, still out of the southwest and the seas are 1-3 feet. The bulk of the fleet is off of Ludington Michigan, approximately 150 miles from Chicago.

1300 EDT – 11 – July – 1999
At this time, the weather for the 1999 race is looking more and more like a slow ride. With Stars & Stripes just past the half way point, it will not be a year for record setting speed. With a large high sitting over the entire region, the wind is forecast to stay out of the south – southwest for the next 24 hours. This is a good direction, but the wrong velocity. Most of the fleet will be lucky to see 15 knots by this time tomorrow. The forecast is for a consistant 5-10.

Earth Voyager has dropped out of the race with a broken rudder. They are currently docked in St Joe Michigan, and looking for a rudder to use so they can make it to Port Huron for the Port Huron – Mac Race. Their new rudder should be completed by race time.

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