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Oskar Kihlborg has climbed Mount Everest, crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice and been involved in many adventure projects. Now he is preparing for his second Volvo Ocean Race, but this time as official photographer.

“My job is to show the world what the Volvo Ocean Race is all about,” says Kihlborg, whose home is just outside Stockholm in Sweden. “It’s not just the competition between the boats; it’s also about happiness and sorrow, sweat and tears, high tech and mother nature. I want to cover all of that,” he explains.

During the last Volvo Ocean Race, Oskar Kihlborg worked with Sweden’s SEB team as their photographer throughout two years of preparation and racing. For the next race he will be covering all the teams and everything that surrounds this massive event.

“I don’t think people realise what kind of hardship it is to compete in the Volvo Ocean Race. Even if they’ve seen pictures and video clips from the Southern Ocean, it’s hard to imagine how tough it is. I want to show them that the race really is the worst, or the best thing you can ever do.”

Oskar Kihlborg has always been an adventurer himself. He started out as a mountaineer, but he has always loved adventure in any form. On May 11, 1990, Kihlborg, together with Mikael Reutersward, became the first Swedes ever to reach the top of Mount Everest. After Mount Everest, Kihlborg climbed K2 in 1992 and in the same year he became the first Scandinavian to reach the top of Lhotse, (8516m) also in Nepal.

“I have never been in the Southern Ocean myself, but I know from our record-breaking Atlantic crossing on Nicorette what it is like to sail in tough conditions. I know the feeling when one minute you scream for joy and the next you cry for fear. I think that is important for me to know, and I hope I’ll be able to put those feelings into my pictures.”

Kihlborg┤s images will be published on the Volvo Ocean Race digital online archive, where the media can download high and low resolution images royalty-free.

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