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Real World Intrusion

Each day as the yachts race in the Global Challenge, teams will file daily logs via satellite to the web site.

These log entries are designed to be more than simple position and status reports; they are the teams’ way of sharing the excitement and drama as it is seen and felt by those aboard.

Via the Global Challenge’s RSS Feed ATWOS will feature selected daily logs.

Today’s log is from Spirit of Sark

My friend Jules e-mailed me this evening and in her mail she included the sad news of the death of John Peel the DJ. Whilst I wouldn’t say that he was pivotal to my life he certainly enriched it and, in a musical sense, was a kind of god to me. Even though I haven’t listened to him recently I will miss him.

The point of me mentioning this is that news of things back in the real world, whether it is good or bad is becoming more and more important to us on board. A few of us are really craving for any news from home, current affairs or just good old gossip column stuff – it doesn’t matter. In this case, with John Peel, I’m glad I know about it so that in my own way I can mark it and that’s important to each of us in different ways. On board we are becoming more and more aware of how detached we are from the rest of the world, a process that if we are honest started a few weeks before the start of the race, and now that we have become accustomed to the routine of life on the boat the need to be informed is becoming an obsession.

On deck the crew remain focussed as we strive to push the boat faster in an attempt to make up the miles on the boats in front. For the past few days this has been quite a repetitive affair with the same sails up and not much in the way of physical effort being needed, unless you are one of the chosen few to go on the helm (the art of helming seems to be about making turning a wheel look exhausting, talking huge amounts about how exhausting it is, constantly comparing one’s speed with another colleague’s (but really viewed as a competitor) whilst rocking the boat from side to side sufficiently to keep everyone’s attention – some people are definitely more gifted at keeping the crews’ attention than others!. Despite the constant push for boat speed there have been some rewarding sights. Yesterday as our watch was nearing its end we enjoyed the view of a huge double rainbow as we ran ahead of a large squall. Then 10 minutes later a large pod of dolphins joined us just as the sun was setting. Moments like these are priceless, I just wish they happened every watch!

So, whilst we do have our own forms of unique and often beautiful entertainment on board, a gentle reminder to all friends and family – we come from your world really so keep the news coming in before we crack-up, bobbing around on this 72ft mobile desert island.

I’m just about to go off watch now, but before I do I’m going to go and sit on deck and look at the stars and say a prayer for John.

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