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One Design Comeback Hobie 33

The Hobie 33 dates from the early 1980′s. Rather than the beach cat Hobie
was known for at the time it was a slim mono hull ULDB design, developed
from the Santa Cruz 27.

From 1982 to 1986, 187 Hobie 33′s were built. Like the more recent Melges 24 they had a lifting keel for easier trailering.

Now, Spartan Marine is once again producing Hobie 33′s A new Hobie 33 goes for around $ 55,000.

Used boats are available from $ 15,000 to $ 25,000. However, used 33′s tend to have been sailed hard and the interiors are typically trashed.

Hobie 33′s are fast boats especially downwind, and have had success offshore in contests like Fort Lauderdale-Key West and the Chicago Mac. There is also a one design class.

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