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A Million Good Causes: Friends of White River Light

In early September I wrote, “This has led me to form the following mantra. ‘There’s a million good causes….’. The mantra is incomplete in that there never seems enough, people, time or money for the myriad positive causes.”


White River Light Station

The first of the million good volunteer causes pertains to White River Light Station.
White River light built in 1875, decommissioned in 1960 is still important
to folks 43 years later.

This year Friends of White River Light Station was formed. The group
is dedicated to preserving and restoring White River light and educating
visitors about Michigan’s maritime heritage.

Top priority projects include: electrical system upgrade, enhancing the security system and establishing an endowment to help ensure protection of the light in perpetuity.

This will enhance a well known Muskegon county landmark. The Light Station
is owned by Fruitland Township and has been a museum since 1970. Facilities on the grounds include: light tower, keepers quarters, and oil building.


Artifact on Display at the Museum

In addition to the light station visitors can learn about important nautical items and concepts such as Frensel Lenses, navigation, compasses and more.

The Friends of White River is an embryonic group. Membership begins at $ 30 . The group’s current volunteer needs are not great, but future projects will likely create a need.

ship timber.jpg

A ship timber on display perhaps from a shipwreck?

Volunteering at a light house can be a great way to initiate people who are not familiar with the water, sailing, etc. into the ways of maritime culture.

Contact information for the group is as follows:
Friends of the White River Light Station
6199 Murray Road
Whitehall, MI 49461


The Light Station from the water

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