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Interesting Collection of Model Ships on E-Bay

An interesting collection of model ships has surfaced on EBay. The auction, which is set to expire on September 2 at 10:04 Pacific time, is fun to look at even if you would not be a serious bidder.

The collection of model kits is a lifetime collection of a master model builder whose plexi-glass cased models are found in numerous museums and private collections in the United States and Europe. It had been the intention of the builder to complete each of these models and add them to an existing museum collection and display, but due to the development of Parkinson’s Disease this has become an impossibility.

The collection includes 192 plastic model kits of tall ships. A complete list of all models is available on auction web site.

Check out this auction at EBay. Then search for item number: 2265060433 or the phrase “Sailing Ship Bonanza”

If you find other unique nautical auctions online, let us know about them.

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