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US Sailors – Olympic Standings

Europe (Final–after 11 races) SERIES COMPLETED
14. Meg Gaillard (Jamestown, R.I./Pelham, N.Y.),
9-11-13-9-3-13-11-16-9-(19)-19; 113

Finn (Final–after 11 races) SERIES COMPLETED
11. Kevin Hall (Bowie, Md./Ventura, Calif.), 11-6-13-(17)-16-14-13-9-9-17-7;

470 Men (Final–after 11 races) SERIES COMPLETED
1. Paul Foerster (Rockwall, Texas) and Kevin Burnham (Miami, Fla.),
1-8-2-15-9-4-3-7-18-4-(22); 71

470 Women (Final–after 11 races) SERIES COMPLETED
5. Katie McDowell (Barrington, R.I.) and Isabelle Kinsolving (New York,
N.Y.), 12-16-3-12-9-2-(18)-17-8-1-4; 84

49er (Final–after 16 races) SERIES COMPLETED
5. Tim Wadlow (San Diego, Calif.) and Pete Spaulding (Miami, Fla.),
7-8-5-(OCS/20)-9-9-8-3-1-(13)-7-3-10-11-1-10; 92

Laser (Final–after 11 races) SERIES COMPLETED
8. Mark Mendelblatt (St. Petersburg, Fla.), 2-14-20-6-6-10-(29)-22-16-6-9;

Mistral Men (after 11 races) SERIES COMPLETED
28. Peter Wells (Newport Beach/La Canada, Calif.),
22-20-23-16-22-29-27-24-30-28-(31); 241

Mistral Women (Final–after 11 races) SERIES COMPLETED
16. Lanee Butler Beashel (Aliso Viejo, Calif.),
13-16-9-(18)-17-13-6-14-(19)-15-5; 126

Star (after 10 races)
4. Paul Cayard (Kentfield, Calif.) and Phil Trinter (Lorain, Ohio/Port
Washington, N.Y.), 1-6-(15)-10-3-6-1-15-6-8; 56

Tornado (after 10 races)
2. John Lovell (New Orleans, La.) and Charlie Ogletree (Houston,
Texas/Columbia, N.C.), 2-2-1-6-(9)-9-6-7-1-2; 36

Yngling (Final–after 11 races) SERIES COMPLETED
10. Carol Cronin (Jamestown, R.I.), Liz Filter (Stevensville, Md.) and Nancy
Haberland (Annapolis, Md.), 2-10-16-9-15-10-1-15-7-1-(OCS/17); 86

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