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Percy & Mitchell Update

Skandia Set Sail athletes, Iain Percy and Steve Mitchell, are back in the UK for a well-earned rest before the final lead-up to the Olympic Games in Athens in August.

“We spent three weeks in Athens, one week longer than planned. This enabled us to practice in a range of different wind conditions and has proved to be a good investment of our time. Before we left, we managed to take the day off from sailing to get the boat ready, so that when we get back in a few days it will be ready to go.” (Steve)

“We will be coming back to Athens via Cyprus where will be staying in a BOA (British Olympic Association) holding house so we get to meet the other British Olympic athletes. We’re very much looking forward to this – I think being with all the other sports men and women will really bring home that the Olympics are upon us.” (Iain)

“I’ve just had a couple of days in Bath visiting the English Institute of Sport which is based here. A couple of guys who work out the team in Athens have been here helping me out: Marcus Church, the strength and conditioning coach and Chris Price, the physio who both work under the guidance of Dr Pete Cunningham, head of the British Sailing Team Sport Science. We’ve just had a big session in the gym with Pete, and now the last thing to do before we leave is to check in with our sponsor, Skandia. We wouldn’t be where we are now without their help and support.” (Iain)

“It’s been nice to be back at home for a week but to be honest we feel ready for our event in the Star and want to get on with it. I think right now we are as ready as we’ll ever be.” (Steve)

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