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Tuesday Morning Update

As of 9:00 am Michigan Time 83 boats had finished -
The breeze in the straits is still calm to variable. But enough breeze has come in that the water is no longer glassy still.

How are the finishers split up?
Mackinac Cup – 81 finished – 10 dropped out.
Chicago Mackinac Trophy – 2 finished – 37 dropped out.
Multi-hulls – 8 finished – 6 dropped out

Keeping track of arrivals – The Turbo, GL70, Section 1, Farr 395 & Multihull 1 fleets are all complete. Section 2 currently has only 3 boats left unaccounted for.
There is one Corsair 31 remaining of the course.

The two Chicago Mackinac Trophy finishers at this time are Bozo’s Circus, a J35 and Wooton 2, a Sabre 40.

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