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Chi-Mac 2004 – How Slow is It?

Time – 0930 Michigan Time – Tuesday July 27, 2004.

Boats continue to finish. More J/120′s and Farr 395′s are rolling in.

The comments are made all over the island about how slow this year is – but how does it relate to the slowest recorded race?

The slowest “First Boat to Finish” record holder is Pied Piper with an elapsed time of 62 hrs & 29 seconds. This equals 2 days & 14 hrs. The closest finisher this year to that time was Criterion, a Soverel 50 in Section 2, with an overall elapsed time of 2 days, 14 hours and 5 minutes.

2004 is a slow Mac – but well ahead of record levels. And this is a good thing!!

What is different on the island with a slow race? The hotels have rooms reserved for crews that aren’t here yet. The wives, girlfriends, van drivers, delivery crews etc etc that are waiting for the “ship to come in” deal with the delay in many ways. Some view it as an opportunity to relax and enjoy this beautiful island. Others behave as if it was the greatest inconvenience EVER. Many these folks should have a little chat with the wind gods.

Another change that occurs with the delay is the great mass of boats that typically builds for a day of partying is greatly diminished. The first to finish boats – Genuine Risk & Windquest both departed on Monday. A couple GL70′s and a Transpac 52 also unloaded and left. People have plans that a slower race interferes with. Many of the boats that have dropped out state business commitments as their primary reason for quitting. If you have to be back in the office early Wednesday, you need to make sure you will be there.

Right now there are 22 racers at the coal dock and approximately 75 vessel at the marina. The marina number is currently staying rather consistant, for each new comer it seems another boat heads out to it’s next destination.

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