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Division Review

Quite often guests staying at the Chippewa hotel will wake in the morning to look out over the sea of boats that had arrived in the wee hours of the morning. Milling about, following instructions for dockage, it often appears that they all came in together. Oh – that is often Monday morning. We have reached Tuesday and the influx is still slow.

All of the vessels in Section One have finished. Their placings are basically the order of arrival – with the exception of Main Street and Twister – they arrived 1-2 and Twister corrected to first. It took ten hours from the time Main Street finished until the last section on competitor crossed the line.

Section 2 has 27 entries – as of 6:45 Michigan time 17 have finished and 2 have dropped out. Two of our featured boats – Natalie J & Program, finished on Monday. Salsa has just arrived at the island.

Section 3 was about 50% finished as of this writing, with additional entries still trickling in. Two racers have dropped in this class. Serenissima appears to have taken approximately 1 1/2 hours to cover the distance from their call in 1/2 mile east of the bridge until they crossed the finish line. Not quite a parking lot, but very slow.

Section 4 has entries completing the course as I type. Realt Na Mara, just crossed and is heading into dock. Section 4 also has two recorded drops at this point.

The Corsair 31 fleet is mostly accounted for. Zingara is the winner. Three Corsiars have finished, three have dropped out and two a reported to be on course.

Other notable finishes – the first Beneteau 40.7 arrived at 4:17 Michigan time with two drop outs and no other finishers at this time.

The Farr 395 class is also “mostly” at the island.

The J120 Perserverance has just finished.

Check our web cams to watch the docks fill.

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