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The View From New Zealand

Russell Coutts may once again be in the process of changing America’s Cup teams. Last time he made a controversial move from Team New Zealand to Alignhi. Now he maybe parting ways with Alinghi.

I had the chance to ask a New Zealand sailor what the buzz re. this in Coutts home country of New Zealand is. Here’s his answer: “The buzz down here is Russell Coutts is not held in very high regard ( understatement!! ) and in the NZ slang, ” good job” which means something like he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. There would some satisfaction for NZer’s if Russell didn’t sail in the next AC as many feel betrayed by him selling out after the last AC, so it seems ironic that he can fall out so easily with Bertarelli. It looks like Russell wants to be in control of the syndicate, design and sailing, but he is just a fund
raiser and he does not like it. Its great cos it throws the contest wide
open now.”

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