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Here’s one solution to sailboat handicapping. It has two main parts. One is box rules, the other is age divisions.

A box rule such as the Transpac 52 sets limits on factors such as legnth, minimum displacement, draft, sail area etc. It’s called a box rule in that the measurements fit within a box.

I would propose that there be a series of boxes beginning at 20-25 feet, 30-35 feet etc. on upwards.

Within each of the 5 foot boxes there would then be 5 year age groups. Boats from 1950-1955, 1956-1961 etc.

I believe the purpose of racing is to reward the fastest. That’s how all other forms of racing work. This system would reward the fastest boat in each box. For the 1st across the line would be the winner.

I am not anti older boat either. I’ve got many years on older boats. Having standings within the standings would then recognize a fast and successful boat for as long as it is well sailed.

Everyone can be a winner…..progress is awarded…as is preservation.

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