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CD-ROM cover of the title Knot Tying: The Basic KnotsKnot Tying: The Basic Knots
Multimedia CD-ROM for Windows
Version Date:  August, 2001
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Knot Tying: The Basic Knots shows how to tie 21 basic knots with clear, easy-to-follow interactive video instructions. This software, published by Beutner Multimedia guarantees that in just a short time, anyone can learn how to tie these basic knots:

  • Square or Reef Knot
  • Surgeon's Knot
  • Overhand Knot
  • Figure Eight Knot
  • Stevedore's Knot
  • Fisherman's Knot
  • Sheet Bend
  • Alpine Butterfly
  • Man Harness
  • Sheepshank Knot
  • Half and Double Hitch
  • Double Sheet Bend
  • Water Knot
  • Thief's Knot
  • Bowline Knot
  • French Bowline Knot
  • Bowline on a Bight
  • Linesman Loop
  • Round Turn, Half Hitch
  • Slip Clove Hitch
  • Fisherman's Bend

Instructor Dave Guldin, an experienced Alaskan seaman and tugboat operator, guides you through the steps of tying the most useful knots for daily life.

This CD features:

  • Easy-to-use interactive video instruction designed by an experienced university instructor with a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology.
  • Just insert the CD-ROM into your multimedia ready Windows 95 or higher computer and the program begins to play.
  • A knowledgeable expert lead you through step-by-step interactive instruction.
  • Guaranteed results - every time. 
  • No installation of any files on your computer -- will run directly from the CD. 

See screen shots from this software

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System Requires:

Windows 95 or later
300 MHz processor
CD-ROM drive 2x speed or higher
Standard sound card with speakers.

To Order:

Visit our secure online store or
Call -- 231-759-8596
Fax -- 231-755-1522
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