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This 80 page book is written by Norwegian author Ivar Dedekam.
The 'illustrated' part of the book's title is very accurate as every page has an illustration

The book is really two books in one. If you are a person who learns best via the written word, this book is for you as all topics are discussed in concise prose. If you are a visual learner then the books illustration will greatly aid your learning.

Illustrated Sail Trim and Rig Tuning is filled with extremely practical high quality illustrations- Here is an example from the Main trim section.   The subject is twist. Ivar's illustration and text are closely connected.   Below the text is a practical check list that would be very simple to use when sailing.

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The above example is from Illustrated Sail Trim and Rig Tuning's first section.   There are two other sections: Spinnaker trim and rig tuning.

A feature that heightens the books value is the checklists that follow discussion of a topic.  If you are the type of sailor who likes to have an onboard library this book  would make an excellent addition, particularly due to the checklists. For instance, say you have some new  crewmembers on board. Want to make sure they all understand the spinnaker jibe? Simply pull this book out and run through the checklist found on P. 56.
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Dip Pole Gybe Checklist

Illustrated Sail and Rig Tuning is available from the Torresen Marine Ships Store.

The price is $ 20.00. UPS ground shipping  will be added to each order (unless you can
stop by to pick one up!). To place your
order use the online order form or call (231) 759 8596.




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