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An excellent resource archive for the crusing                       The best of Sailing World CD Rom is an interactive
sailor.  100's of articles on crusing topics                             technical and instuctional resource for the
such as: navigation ('Celestial Simplified',                           performance sailor.  Topics covered are: tactics and
'Pea Soup Perspective', seamanship                                  strategy with articles such as 'Around the Course
('Storm Analysis', 'Towing Techniques',)                               with the Compass' and 'Approaching the Finish'.
equipment ('Steering Options',                                              Rules ('The New Rules') and Boat Speed ('From
Boat Buyers Checklist'),                                                          the Experts the J-35') are also covered.  Boat
chartering ('Canary Island Cruising Guide',                          Handling 'The Crew as Coach' is another area
desitnation and lifestyle ('Wintering Your Boat Afloat'.)     covered.   Events like 'The Carribean Triangle' and

Included is the Sailors Sourcebook 1997,                            'Women in Sailing' are on the CD too.
a great resource when looking for anything to do                 You also get the Sailors Sourcebook CD free.
with sailboats.

Also includes a searchable index !  This                               Includes a searchable index and will run on Windows
CD just pops into your CD player and comes                      95, NT and 3.1 plus Macintosh.
up on the screen- true plug and play !
Runs on Windows, 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT
and Macinatosh

The Best of Cruising World CD Rom is only                         The Best of Sailing World CD is only $ 30.00 +
$ 30.00 + shipping and handling                                             shipping and handling and will be a great resource
and will allow you to clean out those                                       to help get you and your team around the course
stacks of magazines !                                                              faster.

When you register your CD you will gain the                         Registration of the CD will bring a discount on the
privelige of a discount on annual upgrades-                          annual upgrade.
yet more resources for you to draw on.


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