Muskegon Yacht Club is proud to host the
1997 - 210 National Regatta

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Thursday August 21, 1997
Another day of wet rainy racing appears to be in store. We will try to get the final results out for this regatta as soon as they are available (maybe even before the awards ceremony)..

FINAL RESULTS ARE UP... Robinson is the new National Champion in Cabbage Patch. Congratulations on this resounding victory. They didn't even need a throw out. (They would have won by 7 points with six races scored vs. five races for the rest of the fleet.) Dick Olsen, Breaking Wind, was the Midwests top finisher as he blew into a third place award. Jim Babel in Gull Stone won the race to the hoist.

Wednesday August 20, 1997
Day Three was rainy - all day - the foul weather gear did not come off until the end of the sixth race.

Tuesday August 19, 1997
Rocking Chair headed home this morning after Jack Wallace got rapped with the boom in yesterday afternoons race, the reason for their DNF. The rumor mill says Jack will be fine, but a dozen stitches and a mild concussion are a bit tough when there are 3 days of racing left (& you're 81 years young).
At the end of Tuesdays races a gap of 10.5 points separate the #1 and 2 boats, but there are still 2 race days left, and alot could happen.

Monday August 18, 1997 -
It was a great day for racing, the wind started moderately and built as the day went on. Twentyseven boats turned out for this regatta and sunshine, flat water & fluffy clouds provided for a picturesque day of sailing. The number of 720's proved that sailboat racing is still a contact sport.

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